Sexy Black – A Black Cat/Dog Benefit from Chicago Cat Rescue

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I’m very excited to announce that we at Cat In The Fridge have signed up for our very first sponsorship! We as a blog are sponsoring Sexy Black, a benefit thrown by Chicago Cat Rescue to aid in the adoption of black cats and dogs. (We’re one of the sponsors, not the ONLY one.)

As you may know, black cats and dogs are the least adopted color of animal. Many rescues have annual events to help raise awareness and promote the adoptions of these often overlooked animals and Chicago Cat Rescue is no exception! This is their sixth year hosting the event and they’re expecting a few hundred people! Here are the details:

Sexy Black – a benefit to raise awareness for black cats and dogs

When:  Saturday, February 22, 2014,  7:00 to 11:00 pm
Where:  Chicago Party Animals, 1133 W. Fulton Market

Advance tickets:  $25  ($30 at the door)

For more details and for a great article on the plight of black cats and dogs and “Black Cat Syndrome,” check out this blog post from Chicago Now’s Raining Cats and Dogs. It offers some excellent information on why this event and events like it are so important!

You can purchase tickets here. For more information, check out CCR’s events page! If you’re in Chicago or near Chicago or feel like you want to take a little trip, come on down! There are going to be BLACK JELLO SHOTS and MomFOD will be there and my picture will be all over the place! (Well, in a few places, but it’s so eye-catching everyone will be looking at it. Look:)

Check me out. Woo!

Check me out. Woo! Eye catching, right?




PS. My brother Niles is black. This is dedicated to him.

25 thoughts on “Sexy Black – A Black Cat/Dog Benefit from Chicago Cat Rescue

  1. Ugh…why didn’t mom know about this so she wouldn’t have made plans. It’s actually going to be a calm weekend in Chicagoland this Saturday, so unlike the last month, that I would have been happy to have her out and about for a change. I’d have sent her to the event with quite a few of my black hairs on her white dress pants.


  2. niles…ewe iz one kewl dood….thiz sounds like a way awesum ee vent….we hope it brings lotz N lotz oh awareness that both pupz & kittehz shuld knot ever bee judged by ther colorz…..enjoy crepes… N ya look good in B & W 🙂

  3. This is pawesome Crepes and an event close to my heart and was to Ms. Phoebe as well, for her sister Černy was a lady panther. Černy had the same auto immune disorder Phoebe had and at age ten was diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma and sadly went to the Bridge a year and a half ago. She adopted us at age one from our local humane society who told us she had been abandoned after being physically abused as a kitten. She faced many years suffering from panic attacks and post traumatic stress, but with patience, love, medicine, and Feliway calming diffusers she was able to overcome many of her trust and panic issues. We became shocked and angered upon realizing the extent of prejudice black cats and dogs face in shelters and being victims of abuse- all because of the color of their fur! It is fabulous when rescues and other organizations can help bring about education and awareness so these furries have a chance and are not mistreated. Our friend Smoky on Facebook also has an organization Black Cats RULE! that raises awareness and holds fundraisers for specific black cat rescues. Four paws up from Phoebe and Černy’s brother Kaspars and a huge hug from me to you in gratitude for choosing such an important cause to help sponsor.

    -Auntie Beth

    • Oh how sad. Poor little kitten. Thank you for sharing your story. You guys all have great comments and we’re so happy everyone is supportive of these great animals! – Crepes.

  4. It is really pawsome that you are sponsoring this event! We think it’s really nice that more shelters are doing things to promote black cat and dog adoptions. Our local rescue had a special black cat adoption event a while ago. 🙂

    We hope your mom has lots of fun at the event!!

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