Tuesday Haikusday: Thunder Snow

You guys!

Meditating in the snow amidst the lightning and thunder. And yet, I stay zen.

Meditating in the snow amidst the lightning and thunder. And yet, I stay zen.

We got thunder snow today. Have you ever had that? It’s where there’s lightning and thunder while it’s snowing. It’s apparently pretty rare and I’ve only seen it once before, in 2011, during the “Snowpocalypse.” Here’s an article about what it is and how it happened in Chicago. I thought it made excellent fodder for haiku, and so I shall begin:

Snow, snow, snow, snow, BOOM.

Flashing light behind the flakes.

Rumble, rumble, BANG.


Snow falls silent, soft

Crashing noises juxtapose

stillness in my heart.


Confusion sets in

Storm? Yes. Snow? Yes. Thunder? Check.

Thunder snow is here.


Have you ever seen thunder snow? Tell me about it.





11 thoughts on “Tuesday Haikusday: Thunder Snow

  1. I never have seen this Crepes, I am so jealous of your worldly experiences. If I did witness or experience thunder snow I would most likely be hiding under the bed, cowering and mewing loudly until it ended. I don’t like noises or sudden movements too much, my sister Phoebe was the brave one.


  2. We like in Oklahoma and have had thundersnow on a couple of occasions. Very disturbing, indeed! It’s like Mother Nature is confused and can’t decide which way to go!

    Hope you have a quieter Tuesday.

  3. We also heard and saw that thunder snow in 2011! Mom had the Weather Channel on and was looking outside off our balcony at the time it happened and saw how Jim Cantore experienced it right along with us. One of the most awesome things we ever heard and saw and that we got to experience it with Jim.

    Great haikus!

  4. I live in Massachusetts. The last big storm I was in bed about 10:p.m. when I heard thunder. Scared me half to death. All I could think of was what next, a tornado during a snow storm? The weather was a mix of wet snow/freezing rain. Just give me a plain old standard blizzard, I know what that is.

  5. crepes…we wuz spozed ta haz thundersnow heer….sew we waited…N waited..
    n took a toy let brake….N eated sum food….N slept….still noe thunder snow…less it
    occured WHILE we bee sleepin…if thatz de case…then we missed it

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