Bachelor of the Week: Malcolm!

There comes a time in every cat’s life when s/he has to see a dog in a litter box. Today, friends, is your day.

World, meet Malcolm. He is a nine-year-old beagle mix who can’t see out of one eye. But you know what he can do? He can see out of his other eye, and he uses it to zero in on cats and their things. Look at this:

This cannot be unseen.
This cannot be unseen.

There he is, sitting in a litter box. He does that when it thunders outside. When it thunders, he finds comfort in feces.  Here’s what else he does:

Oh, look, it's two cats - hey wait....
A kitty snuggler? This dog is perfect!

Yup. Malcolm loves cats.

Honestly, I can’t even joke any more. This little doggie has touched my heart with his earnest desire to be loved. Malcolm has been in foster care for two years and before that he was in a shelter for 7-months. And before that? A stray. Luckily for everyone, Blind Dog Rescue Alliance pulled him from the shelter and put him in a loving foster home.

Malcolm’s current foster mom says that he’s “so full of love and always ready to do whatever you want to do, whether it’s cuddling, playing, or going for walks.”  Malcolm loves to roll in the grass, and is open to large families. He gets along great with other dogs, cats, and children. He never causes trouble and is well-trained. His only special need is that he’s blind in one eye, so he’s batting a 50% and I’d say that’ pretty darned good considering he doesn’t need ANY eyes to be an awesome dog. (If you’re curious about what it’s like to live with a blind dog, please see yesterday’s article. There are also more pictures of Malcolm.)

Do you think you could love Malcolm? If so, please contact the Blind Dog Rescue Alliance. You can read more about Malcolm’s daily life here and, please note, he’s in Tennessee but the BDRA will transport him out of state at no charge to a loving home.



PS. This:

"I love this dog so much, I want to adopt him." - Crepes.
“I love this dog so much, I want to adopt him.” – Crepes.



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