Bachelors of the Week: Gorgonzola & Parmesan!

Oh, hey guys! Today I have for you a lovely cheese tasting. Now I stayed up all night paring just the right wines for this occasion –
You know, sometimes I wish MomFOD would take better notes! Apparently, there will be no wine OR cheese. However, I have for you two wonderful bachelors by the names of Gorgonzola and Parmesan!
The Cheese Brothers

The Cheese Brothers

These two little kitties were born in April of 2013 and are not quite a year old. Rescued from a hoarding situation, (these guys had a house stuffed FULL of milk rings and foil balls, from what I hear) these little guys didn’t get the medical attention they needed and arrived at Tree house with corneal scarring, likely due to an untreated eye infection. While they have limited vision, they still get around just fine! Both of them have endearing little meows, which, if they’re anything like me, they will utilize to serenade their new household each day at dawn.
Gorgonzola, goes with well pears and honey.

Gorgonzola, goes with well pears and honey.

Gorgonzola is a bit more shy than Parmesan and requires a little more patience. Parmesan requires a daily eye medication and long-term storage in a cool, dry environment to maintain his freshness and nutty flavor.
 They both love to climb and Parmesan especially is very fond of other cats. Both of them would love to find a home where they can ripen to the perfect age, either with each other or individually into a home that already has other cats.
Parmesan, sprinkled over a bed of pasta.

Parmesan, melted over a flat lasagna noodle.

If you’re interested, please contact Tree House Humane. If you’re interested but unsure about adopting cats with vision impairment, check out this recent article we published!
What's that I smell? Oh, it's just Parmesan.

What’s that I smell? Oh, it’s just Parmesan.

Gorgonzola and Parmesan, stored in a cabinet as they should be.

Gorgonzola and Parmesan, stored in a cabinet as is appropriate for cheese.


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  1. I always feel sad for kitties who were living with hoarders – it’s such a traumatic thing. I’m so glad that this pair got rescued and hope they find an awesome home1

  2. de best oh fishes two ewe parmesan & gorgonzola on findin yur for evers for ever home….glad ya getted outta wear ewe wuz N ya now iz wear ewe iz at N heerz ta hopin wear ewe iz iz knot wear ewe will stay….


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