Bachelor of the Week: Doc Watson!

You guys!

I have for you a kitty so powerful, so amazing, that you won’t believe your eyes! In fact, he can’t even believe his eyes because he doesn’t have any, but that doesn’t stop him! And does diabetes stop him? NO! And what about FIV? NO! Or Kidney Disease? NAY!  How about advanced age? I think we know the answer: NO!

What's up, Doc?
What’s up, Doc?

World, meet Doc Watson. This little dude is the specialist of the special needs kitties. He’s thirteen, has diabetes, FIV, kidney disease, and he’s blind. And you know what? He still deserves a home. Angela at Tabby’s Place wrote this amazing article on Doc here if you want to read a more in-depth piece about how Doc’s awesome has to be contained by The Wall, but here are some highlights you should know about him:

He loves to be held.

He loves to cuddle.

He likes kids and gets on well in a house that has them.

He takes injections twice a day for his diabetes and requires a special diet.

He knows how to build time machines.

He plays a mean blue grass guitar.

Doc is special enough to be living in the Tabby’s Place Founder’s office, the only kitty in there! He’s gentle and sweet, and won’t defend himself if attacked by other kitties. A true pacifist.

If you’d like to meet Doc Watson, please contact Tabby’s Place right away! If you love Doc but can’t take him home, please consider sponsoring him here. He would really appreciate it. He busted another guitar string playing some awesome tunes and needs to replace it.



Doc Watson studies refrigeration in his spare time.
"I'm about to scratch this. I hope no one's looking. I know I'm not. " -Doc Watson.
“I’m about to scratch this. I hope no one’s looking. I know I’m not. ” -Doc Watson.


  • I think Doc needs a super hero cape! I love Tabby’s Place and wrote about one of their kitties a very long time ago. Good luck Doc!

  • doc….ewe bee one rockin kewl dood !!! we noe ya iz livin de life oh riley N itz prettee sa wheat… but we all sew noe yur own address wood make ya bee yond happee….heers hopin ya getz that address N quiker N asap… best oh fishes two ewe ~~~~~

  • Hi Crepes!

    It’s me Bialy (from Tabby’s Place) again. Doc, as we call him is an absolutely great guy! If you remember Levi I bet they could be brothers! He’s always ready with a head/hand bump, purrs and cuddles. Living in my Uncle Jon’s office is the most sought after place at TP. Personal attention all the time, not to mention the many, many, many volunteers that stop in to see him! I used to spend a lot of time in his office so he’d pet me and if he didn’t I’d try to climb up his leg…

    Thanks for being so wonderful to all our Tabby’s Place kitties, it means the world to TP and our volunteers!

  • Oh he’s so handsome and sounds like a real sweet guy in spite of all of his problems – he soldiers on and certainly deserves to have it “sweet” for the rest of his life. What a wonderful thing it would be to find the purrfect home for Doc.

    Hugs, Sammy

  • What a darling and awesome mancat! You can just tell he’s a winner and sweet soul from his photo. Awwwwwww!!!

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