Psychic Source Pet Reading

You guys!

We got contacted by a representative of Psychic Source to have a reading done for us and, of course, we accepted!

I don’t know if you know this about me, but I’m quite spiritual. I believe in intuition, following my feelings, and I’m an ESP (extra special pet.) I thought this would be a great opportunity so we gave it a go and will now share with you our experience.

Crepes and MomFOD reporting

Crepes and MomFOD reporting

Alana: I’d like to step in here for a moment to say that yes, while Crepes is, indeed, an ESP –

Crepes: Thank you.

Alana: – that I also believe in intuition, healing, sound therapy, etc. I’ve seen these things work for Rocky and uplift him, and I thought this would be a nice opportunity for us. So, while we are not true skeptics, we went into this openly and will try to give you our honest assessment.

Crepes: Right. Anyway, we were given a number to call and when we called in, Nancy, one of the pet psychics, was there already on the line and, after a quick introduction, she got right into it! MomFOD had already sent Nancy a photo of me, Mrs. Peabody, and Dixie Doodle per the suggestion of the representative to “focus on the ladies” since there are five of us over here. Then she asked for our ages and genders and then started with me. She said that I’m great and couldn’t be better.

Alana: That’s not all she said.

Crepes: I think we should just keep this between you and –

Alana: In fairness to our readers, Nancy told us that Crepes is very loving, but that she craves attention.

Crepes: I don’t crave it. I find it pleasant.

Alana: Pleasant doesn’t explain your early morning cries at the door, followed by beating on the door with your fists, banging on the door every time I’m in the bathroom, and reaching up for uppies every 15 minutes of the day.

Crepes: Instinct.

Alana: Anyway, she said that Crepes is determined to have personal power, which I agreed with because she’s always smacky pawing the other critters here.

Crepes: Defamation of character.

Alana: Then she moved on to Peabody-

Crepes: who she said is narcissistic and –

Alana: She did NOT, Crepes. Nancy said that Mrs. Peabody is the sweetest animal anyone could ever find. She’s caring and very tolerant and mothers other cats. While I don’t usually see her mothering the other cats, I have noticed her staying very close to Rocky through his illness. And she is extremely tolerant and caring, for sure. At this point, I mentioned Rocky and his illness and Nancy told us that Mrs. Peabody would like to help heal him, and that I should give her a job to do, i.e. verbally tell P. that she should help guard Rocky, especially from Crepes.

Mrs. P with her big brother Rocky shortly after arrival. They do, indeed, have a bond.

Mrs. P with her big brother Rocky shortly after arrival. They do, indeed, have a bond.

Crepes: Heresay.

Alana: Recently, I’ve been putting Mrs. P in charge of Rocky whenever I leave the house, and asking her to make sure she takes care of him when I’m away. It seemed like the right thing to do, and this was confirmed by Nancy. She also told me I have a spiritual connection with Mrs. P. because we’ve been together a long time, which is very true. Mrs. P. is one of my little joys.

Crepes: What about me?

Alana: We’ll get back to you later. Moving on, Nancy start discussing Doodle, who she called “The Queen of Cups,” a reference to the tarot card deck. She described Doodle as “tender-hearted, loving, intuitive, spiritual, and sensitive to the feelings of others.” She also said that she’s “guided by her heart and has a very close connection to me.” She also mentioned Doodle’s dislike of anger or hatred. Each one of these was 100% spot on. Doodle will not let the cats get into smacky paws. She jumps in the way and barks to stop them. Nancy said that Doodle is gentle and kind with all creatures, which is also true. Doodle LOVES kittens, cats, rats, etc. Her assessment of Doodle was 100% accurate to her personality.

Doodle being loving with all creatures, especially Mrs. P as a kitten

Doodle being loving with all creatures, especially Mrs. P as a kitten

Crepes: So she got one right.

Alana: She got all of you right. ALL OF YOU. At this point, Nancy asked if I had any questions, so I asked how to get Crepes to stop bothering Rocky. She suggested putting Crepes in a time out immediately after incidents of smacking and verbally communicating to her that it’s not ok to do that. Then she started talking about Rocky specifically. She said that she doesn’t see cancer (the biopsy found no evidence of cancer) but that she sees healing come spring time. She said she does see a solution in sight and that Rocky is being protected by a lovely angel who is bringing him healing. This, of course, brought me great comfort and I hope that she’s right.

Crepes: Ok, maybe she’s right about that, too.

Alana: Thanks, Crepes. In addition, she reminded me to remain calm and strong for all my animals. She said I’m doing a good job of nurturing them and they’re all happy, but that I need to stay in control, which is something I’ve told myself many times, particularly during this film “festival” that’s currently going on.

Crepes: You know which movie I hate? That one with the ki-

Alana: Crepes! Anyhow, she closed with a piece of advice to me personally about focus and goals. Overall, she was a very nice lady and the experience was very pleasant. I think that she was 98% correct about Crepes –

Crepes: Reasonable doubt.

Alana: -95% correct about Mrs. P (not entirely motherly, but everything else was spot on) and 100% on Doodle. Her assessments of the situations going on at home were along the lines of what we’ve been doing based on the advice of behaviorists and friends, and her approach and was open and pleasant. It was really very nice to speak with her for thirty minutes, almost as if talking to a knowing friend. Overall, deciding whether you’d like to work with a psychic is up to you, your beliefs, and how open you are to the experience. Many will find it enlightening, some may find no value in it, and some may just enjoy talking to a pleasant lady about their beloved pets for awhile.

Crepes: I’d like to close with a poem. “Mrs. P is fat. Mrs. P is dumb -”

Alana: That’ll be all, Crepes. Thanks for reading everyone! If you’d like to contact Psychic Source, you can visit their website here.


Crepes & Alana.

**DISCLOSURE: We were not paid for our review, but we were offered a free 30-minute reading from Psychic Source. All opinions are our own.**

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18 thoughts on “Psychic Source Pet Reading

  1. You got a way better reading than we did! I blame my human, though, because she is very difficult for psychics to read. It sounds like you got some good advice!

  2. What a super experience that was! Sounds like you were definitely “uplifted” by the reading (so was Crepes although she’ll never admit it)…..and at least got confirmation of many things you already knew about your furry babes and yourself! That’s a GOOD thing…… πŸ˜‰

    Pam and Sam

  3. Very interesting! We were contacted about having a reading too. The mom is in the process of setting something up for us. We wonder what the psychic will say about us…probably that Zoey really IS a she devil. MOL!


  4. guys….way kewl, glad ya had fun with this N getted ta lurn sum stuff two…..N knot ta take a way any thing frum YUR website crepes…but rocky…dood….mega awesum her said ewe bee on de road ta ree coveree N spring will show it …bet de easter bunnee brings ewe a basket filled with health…if he tries ta bring ya eggs….BURD eggs…then….. let crepes smack him !!! πŸ™‚

  5. That is really very interesting and we hope Rocky is truly protected by angels and will be fine…Love the sweet photos too!…Happy Wednesday, sweet friends…xoxo…Calle, Halle, Sukki, Mommy Cat, Daddy Cat

  6. So interesting about the medical aspect of this (not sensing cancer) I am hoping to find someone who is medically intuitive to find out what is going on with Jack.. I put in a request to my holistic vet and am hoping she comes up with someone for me..

    Btw, cats mother differently than you might expect.. so the thought that she’s mothering might actually be true, but you are just seeing it differently expecting to see one type of behavior, but to her ‘mothering’ is something a little different.

    • There’s a book I read recently about healing. They had some good resources in there. Hands-On Healing for Pets: The Animal Lover’s Essential Guide to Using Healing Energy by Margrit Coates. Maybe that will be a good place to start? And your’e right about the mothering. Maybe I just don’t recognize it. i’ll look in a different way. – Alana.

  7. Poor Crepes, I know if Ms. Phoebe were here she would say you are like she and most royal, sassy, and intelligent ladycats: misunderstood.
    Your reading gave me a good laugh and bittersweet tears as I recalled how much you and my girl were alike, aside from being special needs and royalty. While Phoebe was a mama once in her youth, she could be quite maternal and sweet with kittens and puppies, much like your sister Mrs. P, yet like you and the tortie she was she demanded to be top cat, craved attention, and did not get along with her younger brother Kaspars.
    There were many a times I had to stand guard while he ate, so she could not intimidate, run him off, and then lay next to his food dish not to eat the food, but just keep him from doing so. A former feral Kaspars shows no fear chasing off dogs, humans, and raccoons, but one look from Phoebe and he would go nuts hissing, spitting, and running off to quiver elsewhere. We have had our history of smacky paws too, except the only ones to smack between those two were hers!
    I adore feisty, neurotic, and jealous kitties, perhaps it’s because I am that type of human and can understand the middle child type syndrome, but either way I know even with all of your ‘challenges’ I adore you. And I have a feeling I’m not the only one.

  8. That is really cool! I have thought about getting a reading to see how Jewel’s CRF is psychologically affecting Carmine and Lita.

    I’m glad she was able to affirm some things for you. That must have been really nice. πŸ™‚ You’re doing a wonderful job; keep it up!

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