Tuesday Haikusday: Polar Vortex, Part Deux

Ok, seriously, this Polar guy needs to quit with the vortex and get on back up north. I mean, I actually don’t go outside, but I can see from the windows it looks pretty nippy. And then when the dog has to go out, MomFOD has to put her boots on, and then her coat, and then her leash, and then her own boots and coat and leash. It takes forever and when I’m waiting for my food it’s kind of annoying. And then there’s the fact that everyone else is complaining about it, which I also find annoying. I dunno. I’ll stop complaining and take out my frustrations in verse. Eh hem…

My zen-like aura keeps me warm while I contemplate haiku in my garden.

My zen-like aura keeps me warm while I contemplate haiku in my garden.

I’ve heard tell of cold

just like this in ancient times,

back in the 80s.


If I were a bear

I think that I’d not care. Why?

Epic three-month nap.


The dog goes outside.

Sniffs the coldness, takes her time.

You curse. I laugh, warm.

Please make sure that any outdoor animals have shelter and UNFROZEN water. If you know of homeless kitties or pups in your area, providing them with styrofoam containers stuffed with straw and covered with a space blanket would really help and could even save some lives.

Stay toasty, my friends!



PS. Greg will stare at you in the shower until you remember to Vote for the Inheritance.

12 thoughts on “Tuesday Haikusday: Polar Vortex, Part Deux

  1. Well done on the ‘ku! We’re tired of this cold stuff already…bring on Spring. Our outdoor kitty visitor now has a heated house of her very own on our front porch…she loves it. We wish all outside animals had warm shelter – it’s ridiculously cold in so many parts of the world. Stay warm Crepes!

    Hugs, Sammy

  2. two doodle:

    a lesson for ewe
    lurn ta flush de toy let dawg
    then ewe can stay in

    make sure de seetz down
    ore ewe may just fall on in
    uh, knot good news ther

    after ewe R done
    tern on de stink a way fan
    phew…what did ewe eat

Stumps up? Stumps down? What are your thoughts?