My Favorite Confessions of 2013

You Guys!

My blog has been going for almost one year now, and since it’s the end of 2013, I thought I’d put together a short list of my favorite confessions from 2013. However, since I know it’s impolite to toot one’s own horn, I’ve enlisted MomFOD to toot my horn for me. MomFOD, take it!

Alana: Hello, everyone. I’ll make sure Crepes doesn’t toot anything. She has asked me to write about her very favorite confessions from this year. As many of you know, she confesses something on Fridays. Next Friday, she’ll probably be confessing that she forces other people to say how great she is.

Crepes: Not true.

Alana: OK, then I don’t need to write this post.

Crepes: No! Write it!

Alana: Are you forcing me?

Crepes: Please.

Alana: Fine. Without further ado-


Alana: What are you doing?

Crepes: Drumroll.

Alana: Of course. Without FURTHER ado, here are Crepes’ favorite confessions from 2013.

No. 5: I Ride A Magic Carpet – Crepes rides a magic carpet, and it makes fantastical scenes for her to play in.

Magic Carpet on a normal day

Magic Carpet on a normal day

No. 4: I’m Harboring A Fugitive – Crepes has a new friend and his name is Stu.



No 3: I Want To Be A Fashion Designer – Those holes in our clothes were meticulously placed for maximum flare.

Thumb holes are very in right now.

Thumb holes are very in right now.

No. 2: I Was Adopted Out of Wedlock – We thought she wouldn’t figure this one out.

My detailed timeline of the events.

My detailed timeline of the events.

No. 1: I’m Giving My Blankey to Dot – And then she got adopted! It must be lucky.


Folding my blankey on my Magic Carpet.


Alana & Crepes.

16 thoughts on “My Favorite Confessions of 2013

    • Hysterical? No, hysterical was the man’s reaction when I went to the state office to get my license and they asked for my birth certificate and HE figured out I was adopted out of wedlock and he laughed hysterically. I feel like I’m ruined for life. Thank you for your compliment about no 1 🙂 – Crepes.

  1. Crepes my lovely furiend, I think #1 is one of the sweetest things I’ve ever read about any kitty doing ever, and #2 shows one of mewz best hidden talents! Have mew considered working on some underpanties for DadFOD? I’ve noticed that my GrandpawFOD wears underpanties with holes and threads hanging from them sometimes and it really gets Grandmeowmy excited, where she yells and waves her arms about. When I asked my MomFOD why this was she said DadFODs, GrandpawFODs, and most human maleFODs seem to enjoy wearing their underpanties like this, but most MomFODs and GrandmeowmyFODs do not like the look and have to tell them to buy new underpanties with no holes or loose threads- even when the DadFODs and GrandpawFODs protest! I was thinking if the maleFODs enjoy these, they would be easy to make with our sharp feline claws and teeth. Mew could make a fortune to buy all the stinky goodness, Albacore, nip, toys mew desire, and even have plenty to give to kitties with special needs! *licks lips and sharpens claws in excitement*

    • oops!! I meant #3 not #2 above! Sorry, my typist needs remedial transcription training. She will be reformed so this does not happen again… MOL!!!

    • I was working on the outerwear line but it sounds like there might be some great recognition in the underwear line!! I’m on it.. Thanks for the suggestion! – Crepes.

  2. crepes…sew we iz guessin yur post frum januaree 30th 2013 dinna make de cut sinz we due knot see it listed heer….. ore did ya for get about it coz ya had a weee bit two much Christamas “cheer” de past week !!!

  3. Crepes, we love your confessions, but as for us, we don’t know where to begin!!?? If we come across a good one, we’ll be sure to run it by you and Alana to make sure it’s post-worthy 🙂

    Happy New Year!!!

    Mom Julie, Tinker, Chopin and Anastasia

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