Bachelor/ettes in Review

Dear everyone,

No new bachelors this week. Just a reminder that we have plenty of others that have yet to find their homes. If you see one you like, please share him/her on your social network. If you see one you want to meet, even better! Follow the instructions included to find your lovely friend. I’ve updated this list to the best of my abilities, but I never know when one of these fabulosi are going to get snapped up into a good home! Click on their photos to see their profiles. Bailey’s profile is one of my favorites. I also like Sylvia’s. Actually, they’re all pretty awesome little buddies.




Bonus Bachelor!

Jean Valjeanbachelor


Adopt me!

Adopt me!




P.S. got featured as one of the Top 10 Must-Read Blogs according to The Lazy Pitbull! They loved our blog so much, they included it in their favorites for the upcoming 2014 year. How very exciting! The Lazy Pitbull themselves (or herself, I suppose) is doing a lot of work to help pitbulls find homes. Well, not the Lazy one, but Christina Berry, the lady behind The Lazy Pitbull is working. The lazy one is just being lazy, I guess. Anyway, stop in if you don’t know them and say hello! They’re very generous blog friends of ours and I’m sure would love to meet you, too!

7 thoughts on “Bachelor/ettes in Review

  1. crepes…AWESUM…total lee rockin sooper kewl noe doubt ore burd jokin AWESUM ya made de top ten list !!! conga rats two ewe N heerz hopin all de bachelorz & bacherlottz ewe haz fee chured iz sharin ther new address by month end …how bout it Frank !!!! thanx dood ;)

    we iz offline two morrow sew we wanna wish everee one a grate week oh end two day !!

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