Thoughts on Santa

You guys, we need to have a chat.  Today, I would like to discuss why, as a culture, we’re OK with Santa Clause.

I’m not talking about good ol’ Saint Nick, the guy that sneaks down chimneys at night to leave gifts under a tree in the living room, although that in itself probably deserves some discussion. I’m talking about Santa photos.

It’s this guy somebody hires, and his name is probably Dave or Gary or something, and he puts on a beard and a crazy red hat.

And my MomFOD paid him ten dollars to put our dog in his lap.

The ten dollar photo with some guy in a fake beard. Who is this guy? He could be anyone!
The ten dollar photo with some guy in a fake beard. Who is this guy? He could be anyone!

Why? Why is this ok?


If we didn’t know who “Santa Clause” was, and it was like Bob the guy on the corner, do you think people would be lining up and giving this guy ten bucks to put their dogs and children in his lap? Do you?

People are strange.






  • That’s a cute picture. We have many Santa Clauses around here too. My kitties would throw a hissy fit if I tried to get their pictures with Santa.
    Sue B

  • You make a very good point there! Santa Claus cannot possibly be in all these places at the same time. On the other hand, if “Santa” shows up at a rescue facility and the $10 you pay goes to the animals, then I have to say you have just paid the real Mr. Claus. He usually goes to the shelters first before Christmas and then visits houses on the date humans approve of as the holiday.

  • Cute photo, don’t tell, but our Mommy has photos of us like that from years ago too!!…We think Waffles wearing the Santa suit would be worth $10 for sure!!…We got our hammocks and the cozy climber in our cat room from Kitty Walk…Happy weekend, sweet friends…kisses…Calle, Halle, Sukki, Mommy Cat, Daddy Cat

  • crepes…we canna say for sure… but thiz dood looks familiar ta uz…doodle looks good…. N sew doez de frame ya getted for de ten spot….tho yes peepulz R strange… but then R rockin pal Jim Morrison tried tellin that ta everee one back like 50 yeerz ago…hay, hope everee one enjoys de week oh end…eat lots oh ham samiches !!!

  • We wonder about this, too. We don’t sit on strangers’ laps without their being in the house for a long time for us to check them out and make sure they aren’t cat-eating wierdos. (You never know. You should have seen that plumber.) Why people pay to let their loved ones sit in some stranger’s lap seems strange to us. But that’s humans for you. They also aim those noisy blow dryers at their heads. No common sense.

  • Mewz doggie sib looks cute but I cannot agree with mewz more Crepes! My MomFOD asked me if I would like to go have my photo taken with some Tom, Gary, or Bubba dressed in a moth ball smelly red suit once and I was appalled! ‘Cod NO!! I told her, ‘what crazy minded influence put that thought in mewz head?!’ I mean the thought of her thinking that I, a royal QUEEN ladycat would desire, let alone agree, to sit on the lap of some dude who has had Bastet knows how many dogs or worse- sticky fingered human kits on his lap?!
    Strange indeed our humans can be, and at times scary. It scares me to think if I were not in charge and left my MomFOD up to deciding things on her own! She would be in constant danger of stupidity! *shudders at thought*

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