Snow and Italian Gifts!

You guys!

It finally snowed in Chicago. Here, check it out:

Doodle is Concernicus.

Doodle is Concernicus about this snow.

The good thing about snow is that it makes dogs less picky; they’ll pretty much pee wherever there’s white stuff.

My Blogger holiday cards and Secret Paws 2013 gift are ready to go!  Inside, I included a yummy, Italian treat for the peoples.

Speaking of Italian treats, I wanted to take a moment to give a shout out to my GramFOD. She does a great job selling Italian-themed gift baskets and she just entered the online world! Therefore, I shall welcome her and tell everyone that if you’d like to get a neat, tasty gift for someone, (including the gluten intolerant) please visit her square store at LaGabri-Elle! They can be custom made or you can buy what you see. Enjoy perusing the delicious looking wares and visit her website to see more.

The Espresso Gift set.

The Espresso Gift set.



PS. Rocky’s going to the doctor today for his weigh in and some more testing. We’ll update you shortly in another episode of The Rocky Report. Stay tuned!

14 thoughts on “Snow and Italian Gifts!

  1. Dogs peeing anywhere is true, my doggie sister does and I thank Bastet everyday that we felines are the superior, dignified, well-mannered, and intelligent species!
    Mewz gramFOD is one talented human, she must get it from mew. MOL!!

  2. My sister’s doggie, Bruno, is the exact opposite: he will not pee on anything where there’s snow of any kind! Must have a patch of green! Lulz!

    Lurv the concept of your GramsFOD’s new site! Yummy things I’ll have to check out!!

  3. doodle…sorree ya getted stuck havin ta go out side ta go….rocky…sendin best fishes two ewe dood fora GRATE chek up; gramfod…best fishes two ewe for yur store; we hope ya sell 800 bazillion gift baskitz, crepes, ya noe her iz knot sellin crepes…knot ewe crepes, de other crepes…mite wanna look in two that !!

  4. Thanks, everyone, for checking out the site and for your well wishes! Rocky’s checkup went ok. He gained a little weight and we have a new diet plan for him!

  5. Doodles is dressed for the weather. Jan took us for a walk in the rain. She wore a coat with a hood. Did she give us each a coat with a hood? Glad to see the comment that Rocky is okay.

  6. Thank Cod we didn’t get any snow in Austin, Dallas had most of it!

    Since I’m late in visiting, I went back a couple of posts and saw what happened to Rocky. I hope his eye is better and healing well. I too hope you can find a solution to Rocky’s constipation problems. He’s the same age as Milou and Milou used to be very fat until about a year and a half. He stopped eating and lost almost half his weight. He’s always been a food lover – and thank Cod he is back to his old self (although still constipated as you know :-/). I hope Rocky’s constipation issues are less complicated than Milou’s though. Keep us posted. We’re sending many purrs.

    Thanks so much for your wishes for Milou!

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