Bachelor of the Week: Lead Belly!

Dapper, suave, eternal, like the flavor of a finely-aged wine.

World, meet now Lead Belly. For some of you that have been following my blog since the early days (which was actually earlier this year), you may remember Lead Belly. His original photograph showed him lying on his back waiting for pets. These photographs show his true self, which is why he deserves a second look. Aged like a pinot noir (13 years), Lead Belly has many fine notes. Sweetness and depth are pervasive without even a hint of tartness. Look into his eyes and you will see a fine soul that has mellowed with age.

Raised on the streets, Lead Belly is now ready for his constant companion. Someone who will hold his head and read Yeats aloud while sipping brandy near a warm, crackling fire. Lead Belly smacks of distinction, and occasionally he smacks feathers dangling brutishly from a wand.

Lead Belly has FIV, but he doesn’t care, and neither should you. Will you hold his head by the fire? Will you let him hold yours? Call Tree House and meet this lovely vintage today, lest you miss your chance and leave your cup feeling empty.

Please share his photos and tag them #magicats (I’m @refrigeratorcat) to help prove that black cats are amazing, magical animals. And they also pair well with a nice steak. I  mean, right before they eat it, anyway.


Creeps. (My Halloween name.)

I dare you to love me. I dare you.
I dare you to love me. I dare you.
Wherever I go, there you are.
Wherever I go, there you are.

Special thanks to John Boehm for his beautiful photos!


  • I have to type fast, because Mommy will find out. You see, she was just talking to Daddy about how great your website is…that you feature these felines with various issues, and help these individuals find humans who will provide accomodations that we deserve.

    She’s annoyed because I was trying to upload a photo of my adopted “brother”, Beau, to you. He is NOT my brother. He’s a barbarian. He grew up in a barn….literally. Mommy brought him home over a year ago, from (Denver) Dumb Friends League. (I spent a brief, painful 48 hours there once myself. I don’t talk about my first family…there was a small, clawless loud pink creature that arrived….and then I found myself there…Mommy brought me home immediately, into a house to my liking. Anytime she watches tv and I hear that squalling noise, I get flashbacks. I don’t talk about it. So glad I’m with Mommy and Daddy now.)

    So this ….animal…Beau…she brought home. No manners what. So. Ever. Took weeks for Mommy to get his stinky mats out, and though his manners may have improved some….he is very far from being refined like me. He likes to argue. I do not. Mommy brought him home a year ago or so, and he’s taken the entire living room (under 2 feet in height) as his turf. That was all mine before that bruiser arrived.

    I have learned from your website that he is ‘special needs’. I know he’s broken because he has something called a heart murmur, and there was all this drama a few weeks ago with him having (It’s embarrassing to say)…toileting issues. In the vicinity of MY litter box. And he had to go to kitty ICU, and Mommy cried, and there were doctor visits and medicines and well, …he survived. Mommy was extremely upset. I’m very annoyed that he upset her. Now he gets different food, and thinks HE gets the spot on the couch with Mommy just because he was practically dying once. WHATEVER. He’s fine now. Honestly. Move on.

    Anyway, I was trying to upload photos to you because well, maybe, some other nice person wants him and then I can have my spot on the couch back. You connect special needs cats with people right? People like, other than my Mommy, perhaps.

    But Mommy caught me, and she wasn’t pleased and insisted on referring to him as my “brother.” And that I shouldn’t try to get someone to take him away, or whatever. BO-ring. I stopped listening.

    But I’ll try again when she’s at work and forgets to close her laptop. The barbarian doesn’t read….as I said…he grew up in a barn. Literally.

    I applaud your work with those cats not fortunate enough to be me.


    • HI Bella,
      I understand about other cats taking your spot! And dogs. We have one of those, too. Thanks for the compliments on my site! I think that since your mom loves your, eh hem, “brother,” maybe you should make a little extra room for him on the couch. He wouldn’t find a home as easily as, say, you, should you choose to move out and find a bigger couch, which I don’t recommend. Give your mom a big hug for me for choosing to keep your brother and give him a lovely place to live. Many kitties don’t get that. But you can feel free to upload his picture to my facebook page just to tell everyone how much he’s loved and that your mom and dad chose special needs and that’s great! Thanks for your comment! Love, Crepes.

  • I found a cat like this when I was 11 years old & he was a mere kitten. I swear, when he died, I was 40. The cat lived on & on. He was a great one. tabby. Someone adopt him. You won’t be sorry.

  • DOOD !!!!! knot onlee iz ewe one rockin houz panther but we think we haz seen ewe due sum modelin for de jaquar car company for sure and ewe betcha…de blessings oh st francis two ewe that ya findz yur for evers home reeeeeeeeeely quik !!

  • What a lovely man-cat. He looks so sad. We really hope someone steps up and gives him a great home. We love black kitties at our house, and Mom would adopt every black cat needing a home, but our dad keeps reminding her that it’s full at the inn. So, we were right about Creeps. Our mommy is very observant, especially when it comes to words. Did you notice how we goofed yesterday and said, “moo” instead of “mood.” Even she isn’t purrfect, and we constantly remind her. Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

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