Bachelor of the Week: Gorilla Biscuit!

Since it’s Halloween month and I’m on a quest to make black cats into good luck omens in the US (please see yesterday’s post for more information), I’ve decided to start the month off with a bachelor and adoption champion photography cat named Gorilla Biscuit, a real #magicats!

Gorilla Biscuit with apple. That sounds scrumptious!
Gorilla Biscuit with apple. That sounds scrumptious!

This fellow may look as rugged as an angry primate, but rest assured he’s as sweet as a tasty tea-time treat. Gorilla Biscuit came into Tree House through a TNR project. He’s 6 years old, give or take a few months, and has the kind of eyes that tell you he’s seen a few things in his time. Although he’s sweet and loves to snuggle, Mr. Biscuit has a few things that make his chances of finding a home more difficult than other kitties. First, he’s black, and sadly, black cats are the least adopted color of cat in the country. They often get left behind because of their color, (or absence thereof, depending on your definition of the rainbow) and end up staying at shelters longer than other colors of cat. Secondly, the distinguished Mr. G. Biscuit has FIV that he picked up during his life on the hard streets. Does it mean he’ll have a shorter lifespan? Not necessarily. It means he needs regular vet care to be sure his health is holding steady, but other than that, he is a healthy, happy man cat. (More info on FIV here.)

Mr. Gorilla Biscuit enjoys chasing feathers, long naps in sun puddles, and hunting the red laser light up his tree like an ape after a ripe banana. He’s open to having a one on one relationship, but wouldn’t mind being part of a larger group.

Gorilla Biscuit, contemplating the meaning of his own name.
Gorilla Biscuit, contemplating the juxtaposition of his two names. What does it mean?

If you’re interested in meeting this fabulous fellow, contact Tree House.  They offer a great health plan to anyone that adopts one of their FIV+ kitties. And even if Gorilla B. isn’t the right match for you, please consider adopting black cats. They bring luck, love, snuggles, and magic.



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