Adoption Champion Photos 2: Pretty Girl!

Here is another round of photos from our BlogPaws/Halo Adoption Champion photo shoot with Victoria Sprung!


Meet Pretty Girl. She’s sassy, sexy, and ready for a new home! Pretty Girl was THE BEST model of all the kitties we photographed. She hopped right up onto the platform and began to pose with a fiery passion we’ve never seen in a cat. We have no doubt that she’d love to have someone to pose for permanently. If you like to photograph beauty, this is your lady. If you like to see beauty, this is your lady. If you like to gently spank plump tortie butt, this is your lady. Pretty Girl was returned to Tree House because she became borderline diabetic. Her condition is controlled with insulin and diet. She’s nine years old and promises to be the most fabulous model you have ever had in your home, ever.

If you’d like to meet Pretty Girl, contact Tree House immediately. This lady won’t be single long after these photos get out!

The Lemur Pose

“The Lemur”

"The Sphinx"

“The Sphinx”


"The 'Is that a pocketful of treats?'" pose

“The ‘Is that a pocketful of treats?'” pose

Please don’t forget that we’re on vacation this week, so if you can, please help us by getting these photos to spread like butter on  hot Italian bread!

10 thoughts on “Adoption Champion Photos 2: Pretty Girl!

  1. HISS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Returned to Treehouse because she is borderline diabetic?! This not only angers me as a fellow tortie ladycat with a chronic illness but as a living soul who cannot understand how anyone can have a fur baby for 9 years and just because the fur baby develops an illness, the person can dump that fur baby. It is irresponsible, heartless, mean, rude, and just awful.
    I hope Pretty Girl, who should have been named Gorgeous Lady finds a forever home filled with UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. I will share her photos with pride and purrs of hope we can help her get one.

  2. my stars girl, why you are not on the runway this very MOMENT in Paris, with Crepes I’m sooooo not knowing…..gorgeous, simply gorgeous and hisses and curses as per decreed by the great goddess bastet, to who ever returned you for such a ridiculous reason…we all hope you find your for ever home yet this month…hugs girl from dai$y

  3. So sad they returned her because of her condition. I have had two diabetic cats whom I loved very much. They have since passed. I hope she finds a forever home. She is beautiful.
    Sue B

  4. She’s stunning! Returned for that reason alone? Ridiculous! Sending purr vibes out to all forever families looking to adopt a beauty like her. PURRS….

  5. Pretty Girl was adopted! A wonderful woman came in specifically looking for a harder-to-adopt cat, and instantly fell for Pretty Girl. Can and human have a similar vibe, and we’re positive they will be happy together for years to come!
    P.S. She *adored* these photos 🙂

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