Adoption Champion: Tree House Photography – I Need Your Help!

Lovely readers!

Today, I call upon your help! As many of you know, I am one of two Adoption Champions chosen by Blog Paws and Halo/ (the other of which is Christina Berry of The Lazy Pitbull.) You can read Blog Paw’s official announcement here to learn more details about the project. 

The main idea is that I will be using my blogging skills to help promote adoption and adoptable pets. I am specifically working with Tree House Humane in Chicago, IL.

Today is an exciting day because, after a month of planning, we have our very first project date! Together with amazing photographer Victoria Sprung, we will be getting beautiful portraits of several of Tree House’s adoptable cats today. Our goal is to spread those portraits across the internet and track the results to see if quality photography really does increase a pet’s chance of finding a forever home.

The FOD's wedding. by Victoria Sprung.

The FOD’s wedding. by Victoria Sprung.

This is where you come in! When the photos launch, I need your help to get them out there! Share them on Facebook, Twitter, email, Pintrest, anywhere you think people will see them and want to adopt the lovely little animals depicted therein. I want to start building that network now, so if you haven’t followed me on Twitter (@refrigeratorcat) or Facebook  please do! And if you have friends that would be interested in this project, let them know!

I cannot do this without your help! So let’s prove that this project is a good one and that we, as bloggers, readers, writers, and animal lovers, can do our part to find homes for loving pets that need them.



victoria sprung photos

Photo by Victoria Sprung. See? Fabulous use of color!

Also by Victoria Sprung. Note, there are no portraits with the cats. Hmph.

Also by Victoria Sprung. Note, there are no portraits with the cats. Hmph.

MomFOD, da sola. by Victoria Sprung.

MomFOD, da sola. by Victoria Sprung.





Many thanks to Victoria Sprung. She is a wedding photographer based in Chicago, IL whose use of color is truly breathtaking. She did the FOD’s wedding portraits (as you can see here) and was a dream to work with. She is an animal lover herself and has a special affinity for black cats. Thank you, Victoria, for being our very first photographer in this project and for donating your time and skills to our cause. Your kindness is truly appreciated!

Also, please stop by at The Lazy Pitbull to see what’s going on with the dog end of the Adoption Champions!


7 thoughts on “Adoption Champion: Tree House Photography – I Need Your Help!

  1. Those are beautiful photos.

    We also will help to get the word out on FB, Twitter, whatever. We LOVE TreeHouse! The mom always donates when they do Lights of Love and she says one day she’s gonna actually go to the event.

  2. hay…wear did R commint goez……feeeeeee….we wuz tryin ta say we iz knot a loud ta bee on face book ore de burd a count palce, but we will bee mor N hapee ta linx a linx two yur postz if de food serviss purrson can due it rite coz it all wayz looks like thiz kinda mess


    N like why wuz ewe knot de flowerz gurl crepes…..N rocky de ring bearer N why iz de dawg gettin photo time….way awesum photoz tho…we likez em !!!

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