Cat Clubs For Everyone!

You Guys!

I’m writing to tell you that my brothers and sisters and I have all been accepted into really cool cat clubs!

First, Rocky and I have been accepted into The Tabby Cat Club! This is really exciting news for both of us. We haven’t been formally inducted yet, but will be soon! Go check them out and see what’s up in the world of tabbies.

Next, Mrs. Peabody was asked to join The Ladies of Autumn! It’s a fabulous club for torties, calicos, and torbies. You can see her introductory post here!

Mrs Peabody, She's not my best friend but I'll admit she's pretty sexy.

Mrs Peabody, She’s not my best friend but I’ll admit she’s pretty sexy.

And Niles is now an official member at House Panthers! You can read about him here and even see a photo of him hanging out with a rat. He’s a very accepting little soul, and House Panthers is a great place to learn about and appreciate black cats. As you may or may not know, black cats are the least adopted color of all kitties, so any help they can get is worthwhile and appreciated!

So, please enjoy these neat new blogs that we’re now a part of.

Also, please congratulate Ms. Phoebe, a wonderful special needs kitty who won the Ice Pups from The Honest Kitchen! She and her pup friend Sophie will be enjoying them shortly. Their mom Beth E. will be looking on with envy.



7 thoughts on “Cat Clubs For Everyone!

  1. crepes…rocky…mizzuz pea & niles…way total lee awesum clubz ewe iz abe bull ta join !!! hope everee one haz a grate time & lotz oh fun at each one !!! anda marvelous amckerull monday two all 🙂

  2. Thank mew Crepes, mew are a royal and stunning ladycat with a truly compassionate and giving soul. I know I will love the Ice Pups as will Sophie and of course my beastie brother Kaspars will try to snarf some too. Thanks so much for the chance to win and try these, for if we like them I will be ordering my staff to purchase some. MOL!
    ConCATulations to mewz and mewz siblings on being new members to some pawesome clubs! I’m excited to hear mew have a fellow tortie sister, Mrs. Peabody sounds wonderful as do all mewz siblings. My best kitty bud on Facebook is named Mr. Peabody- we mostly call him ‘Pea’. He’s a handsome ginger mancat engaged to my lovely Meezer friend Princess and is very well known in the cat community on FB. How cute they have the same name, what a coincidence!
    Thanks again for everything and for all mew do to help kitties in need.

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