Happy Tails: Pets with Disabilities, Vol. II

You Guys!

I just wanted to let you know that the pre-sale for the Happy Tales: Pets with Disabilities Vol. II ends tomorrow. And, if you didn’t know, my story appears in it! And even a little picture of me and momFOD, I believe.

My story is featured inside!
My story is featured inside!

If you’re unfamiliar with it, the Happy Tails books series is a collection of stories about real adoption tales submitted by readers. The authors/editors choose the ones that they think are inspiring and put them together in a collection, with up to 25% of the gross profits going to animal rescue.  So far, they’ve raised over $35,000 for dog rescues and animal welfare. This new book is all about special needs pets of all kinds and is on pre-sale until Thursday (tomorrow.) Here’s a quick note that I received from Kyla Duffy, one of the authors:

This is just a friendly reminder that the Vol. II pre-sale ends Thursday! Now is the best time to pick up your copies and encourage friends and family to do the same, as you can get either $2 off per book or we’ll make a double donation to the organization of your choice.* The link is http://bit.ly/18XxgeH

*You can choose one of the organizations on their list to receive your donation.

MomFOD bought ours yesterday! So please pick one up and help support animal rescue!



PS. The answer to yesterday’s mystery haiku was, indeed, TOILET PAPER!! You guys are so astute!


  • crepes…total lee awesum ewe bee in this book…we will steel….we will kind lee ask… de food serviss purrson for her charge oh card N see bout gettin thiz book….conga ratz for bein picked !!!! way kewl 🙂

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