Tuesday Haikusday: GUESS THE TOPIC!

You guys!

I’ve decided this week is going to be a riddle haiku week. I’m going to write them and you’re going to guess the topic. Ready? GO!

crepeszen question

I can’t help myself

You just look like so much fun.

MomFOD will kill me.


You’re just hanging there,

Doing a bunch of nothing.

But they need you so.


Grab you in my teeth

And run down the hall laughing.

It’s like Halloween.

.And, if you still don’t have a guess, I’ll give you one more to help:

White, fluffy, tempting.

Why not lick yourself? I do.

You’re not above me.

Ok! What is it? Give me your best guess! It’s one of my favorite things in the world to destroy!

Also, don’t forget to enter to win a package of Ice Pups! They’re delicious, good for rehydration, and a nice warm or cold snack, depending on the weather.




5 thoughts on “Tuesday Haikusday: GUESS THE TOPIC!

  1. toy let toy let rollz
    knot quite az good az donutz
    oh kay in a pinch

    try sum paper towelz
    plane or fancee dont matter
    use ta wrap up perch

    case oh toy let rollz
    84 dozen donutz
    a good day for all

Stumps up? Stumps down? What are your thoughts?