Tuesday Haikusday: The Lap

Today, I’ve been inspired by momFOD’s lap. Here I am all curled up, three paws to stump. Join me as I wax poetic about its comforts. Eh hem…

Three paws to stump style

Three-paws-to-stump style

Soft, warm, and comfy

I sit here, purring for you.

But really, for me.


Biscuits, biscuits, bread

I push and shove and poke you

Kneading my heart out.


I sit down for sleep

Just as you are getting up.

Sit back down, lounger.

Tell me your poem! Do you like laps? Do you prefer them soft or lean? Warm or cool? What’s your preference? Share with me.



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3 thoughts on “Tuesday Haikusday: The Lap

  1. wax poetic crepes
    candles on yur birthday cake
    hope itz made oh trout

    waxed floorz R shinee
    grate for slidin on az well
    ooooof we hit de wall

    sew then de wick said
    candle wax ewe melt my heart
    itz a love storee

Stumps up? Stumps down? What are your thoughts?