Confession Friday: We Are the Champions!


You Guys! I said I had exciting news, and I do! We’ve been waiting to tell you for almost six weeks that – We Are the Adoption Champions! We are one of two BlogPaws community bloggers to be chosen for this first-time project. We will be paired with a shelter with which we’ll work to use our blogging voices to see how we can get more pets adopted through our efforts. And that means, with your help, our efforts can spread across the Internet to help more little animals find homes!

We are receiving a grant from Halo to support our work, AND our shelters are getting 5,000 meals of Halo Spot Stew from And guess who my shelter is. It’s TREE HOUSE HUMANE! That’s right, it’s the shelter that saved me. They passed the tests and were chosen by the Adoption Champions committee to be my study buddy for this important project.

We’ll be documenting what we do and updates will be posted on the BlogPaws blog and their social media sites monthly. So, stay tuned to find out more about this amazing project that we are so very excited about!


15 thoughts on “Confession Friday: We Are the Champions!

  1. awesum lee total lee sooper kewl lee furtastic lee way bee yond awesum news crepes !!!!!! conga ratz two ewe N tree houz….. due ewe get ta werk with both branches !!!! YAY yay and mor YaYz. veree happee for ewe N de crew N de tree houz kittehs!!!!!!!!!!! heerz ta a grate week oh end N we think sum sell a brayshun trout iz in order~~~~~~~~ lunch brake:)

  2. HUGE HUGE HUGE CONCATULATIONS!! OMC WE ARE SOOOO HAPPY WE FOUND YOU AGAIN! Mom and I had been following you and for some reason your posts stopped arriving in our in box! We just re-subscribed so we are hoping that now we won’t miss any of your posts.
    Love, Cody and Mom

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