Lovey Loaves: Building A Sanctuary From the Ground Up

Today we have with us Colby, an extra-specially cute pup from Lovey Loaves, an organization that took him in after getting a call from the SPCA. Colby, like many of the dogs at Lovey Loaves, suffers from an injury that has taken away the use of his back legs. He’s going to talk with us today about this great organization that is dedicated to helping less-adoptable dogs and is currently in the process of expanding to be able to help even more.

Colby Bean

Colby Bean

Crepes (C): Welcome, Colby! Tell me about Lovey Loaves. How did it get started?

Colby: LoveyLoaves was started by my momma, Cheri Wells.  She has a heart for special lil’ loveys like me and she has devoted her life to making a difference for lil’ loveys that are different. A lot of pets that are disabled or special needs aren’t adopted in shelters because society thinks that we are damaged. Momma knows thats not true. Momma says that we just require a little more love because we have more love to give and it takes a special person to accept all of our loving!

C: Yes, you’re exuding love, I see. And Lovey Loaves’ mission is…

Colby: LoveyLoaves Rescue’s mission is simple.  We are committed to rescuing, rehabilitating and re-homing special-needs dogs.

C: You’re currently located in Florida but it sounds like you’re moving to South Carolina. Will that greatly affect your founders’ lives? 

Colby: Yes! Our plans are to move to SC to open the doors of LoveyLoaves Sanctuary, A Haven for Special Needs Dogs. Momma and Poppy have devoted their lives to our sanctuary so that we can help thousands of special lil’ loveys like me! Wait til you see our property! It is the most beautiful place that I’ve ever been!

Colby on Wheels

Colby on Wheels

C: Do you bake bread?

Colby: No, silly!

C: None? Not even pumpernickel?

Colby: We don’t bake bread, but we do get that question a lot! LoveyLoaves is just one of those crazy, silly names that momma calls her lil’ loveys.

C: Perhaps a small challah roll?

Colby: No bread at all.

C: What about cheese? Colby is a type of cheese.

Colby: Not that, either.

Lovey Loaves Pups Having A Lie Down

Lovey Loaves Pups Having A Lie Down

C: I see. Moving on. You’re currently raising funds for your future facilities. What are your facilities like now?

Colby: We currently do not have a facility. Momma and Poppy have set up a very small network of foster homes that provide the ultimate in care and love for our residents.  We are raising funds for our sanctuary, however we don’t like to use the word “facility.” Momma says this is going to be the most wonderful place in the world, where we can smell flowers, get loving and medicines, learn to live in a home environment and RUN free with our friends. And the best part is that we are all a little different but no one cares about that so no one will make fun of us! I’m so excited…I know its going to be awhile before we get to move but momma always says that perfection takes time.

C: A committed foster network is very important. How many dogs do you have now in foster care?

Colby: Currently, LoveyLoaves has 6 lil’ loveys in foster care. Our numbers are a bit low at the moment because it is so hard to find good foster homes that are willing to care for special lil’ loveys.

C: But once the sanctuary is open, you’ll be able to accommodate many more dogs.

Colby: Once momma opens the sanctuary, we can invite over 100 dogs to live with us while they are waiting on their forever homes. Plus, momma and poppy really want to help the angels that are transporting lil’ loveys across country, so they are going to open part of the sanctuary to those angels so that the lil’ loveys can rest, run, and play in comfort while their angels are sleeping for the night in someplace called a “hotel”.



C: Tell me more about aqua therapy. It sounds like you’re building a little dog spa. 

Colby: Aqua therapy helps dogs to build muscles and stamina, makes their heart healthy, and helps with depression. Aqua therapy is the best exercise for special needs dogs and although it is not always the answer, it is a great way for us special lil’ loveys to get exercise that won’t hurt our joints or spine.

C: And your mom is trained is said therapy?

Colby: Momma is certified in canine aqua therapy and once we move into the sanctuary, she’s going to build a pool so we can do all our swimming at home.

C: Ciabatta?

Colby: No.

A big thank you to Colby for his time. If you’re interested in helping Lovey Loaves’ cause to build their sanctuary, please take a moment to visit their IndieGogo website. They are very close to reaching their goal of $3,200 for the first phase of land-clearing.

And, if you live anywhere near the Orlando, FL area, perhaps you can consider fostering for them. That would help them out a lot until they can build their new sanctuary.


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  1. colby…de veree best oh fishes two yur mom N dad N de new sanctuary…headbonks…itza cat thing…ta them both for helpin ewe… N all yur pals finds a for ever lovin home…hope yur mewve iz az smooth az mackerull oil N much success in de future !!!

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