Tuesday Haikusday: The Laser

Meditating in the garden, writing my poetry.

Meditating in the garden, writing my poetry.

This morning I was playing with the laser bug. I’ve decided to wax poetic on the turbulent relationship that we share together. Eh hem…

You come from nowhere

And I wonder where you live,

Ghostly red being.


I smack you down hard

and lift my paw to behold

nothing. Nothing. Gone.


I see you touch me

but I feel nothing, really.

Am I unfeeling?

Tell me. What’s your relationship like with the red laser bug? Share with me.



4 thoughts on “Tuesday Haikusday: The Laser

  1. lazer beemz on high
    zzzzap…take that food service gurl
    oh….ewe meen de toy ! 🙂

    de robot said onze
    therez danger will robinson
    looks like doctor smith

    sorree got off trak
    lost in space wuz a kewl show
    R lazer iz fried ~~~~~~

Stumps up? Stumps down? What are your thoughts?