Bachelorette of the Week: Fiona!

fionaToday we have Fiona, a sassy and petite little tortie with a few petite issues. Dear little Fiona was adopted from Tabby’s Place, but her adopter became ill and Fiona was returned. It turns out that Fiona also had stomatitis. What’s stomatitis? Well, it seems that she’s allergic to the plaque on her teeth and gums. Sadly, her schedule and her lack of thumbs did not permit her to brush regularly so her teeth were removed. Before Tabby’s Place found her, her claws were removed, too. Luckily, she has retained all other features.

Fiona is a tiny little kitty with a big tortie attitude. She’s not a big fan of the whole group love idea, so she’d really prefer to be in a one on one relationship with just you and her, so no other cats allowed. Oh, and she’s a little on the mature side at age 13. Which means that she’s very experienced, wise, and ready to settle down.

If you think you can handle the relationship that Fiona is looking for, contact Tabby’s Place in New Jersey! Fiona will be waiting, but probably not patiently, so hurry up.



Waiting for you, toothless, clawless, but full of heart.

Waiting for you, toothless, clawless, but full of heart.

"Come alone. No other cats."

“Come alone. No other cats.”

There's room for one - one more. ::wink wink::

There’s room for one – one more. ::wink wink::



Tuesday Haikusday: The Lap

Today, I’ve been inspired by momFOD’s lap. Here I am all curled up, three paws to stump. Join me as I wax poetic about its comforts. Eh hem…

Three paws to stump style

Three-paws-to-stump style

Soft, warm, and comfy

I sit here, purring for you.

But really, for me.


Biscuits, biscuits, bread

I push and shove and poke you

Kneading my heart out.


I sit down for sleep

Just as you are getting up.

Sit back down, lounger.

Tell me your poem! Do you like laps? Do you prefer them soft or lean? Warm or cool? What’s your preference? Share with me.



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