Review: Pro Bloom Instant Goat’s Milk – Stumps Up or Down?

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Today, I’d like to do a review of The Honest Kitchen’s Pro Bloom Instant Goat’s Milk. It was given to us as a sample in our BlogPaws bags and we gave it a try here at home. (Please note, I am also one of The Honest Kitchen’s Blog Partners, and we do receive 10% off in their online store for being a partner, but not for writing reviews.)

Me inspecting a few of the packets of Pro Bloom
Me inspecting a few of the packets of Pro Bloom


Last week, my mom FOD wrote a post about goat’s milk.  She feels like it’s healthy for us. I feel like it’s delicious. Mom FOD was getting her goat’s milk from a farmer, but it was often arriving frozen in large portions, which was hard for us little guys to polish off, so she was pleased to see this product from The Honest Kitchen in her BlogPaws bag. So, what is it?

Pro Bloom, pre hydration
Pro Bloom, pre hydration

Pro Bloom is a dehydrated goat’s milk that contains probiotics and digestive enzymes. According to The Honest Kitchen, it is not a raw food, because the milk is pasteurized prior to dehydration, but they do add in the probiotics after, which is helpful in maintaining some of goat’s milk’s health benefits. Some other nice things about Pro Bloom:

  • it’s pesticide- and herbicide-free
  • it contains no growth hormones
  • it contains no antibiotics
  • it’s from milk that comes from pasture-raised goats from the Pacific Northwest

The box comes with 16 packets of the powdered milk. After adding 8 ounces of warm water, you get to serve it to your pets. Leftovers can be refrigerated for up to two days, although in our house, there are no leftovers. The whole box makes 16 cups of milk and it retails online for $23.99.

After mixing
After mixing

Mom FOD has served it to us so far on three occasions. On the first two, all five of us loved it. On the most recent, four out of five pets enjoyed Pro Bloom. The other one had just eaten dinner and didn’t feel like indulging (he’s sort of a pansy when it comes to food. He actually stops when he’s full.)

Mom FOD appreciates that it’s a great way to get us to drink extra water, which cats don’t do much of on their own. It also helps get more water in Rocky’s diet. He gets constipated a lot and the extra water keeps things moving along.

Verdict: It’s a great product to have on hand for intermittent supplementation. It stores and travels well, is free of bad things and full of good things, and seems to be very palatable. It is a bit pricey to use for every day consumption, especially in multiple pet households, and we’d like to see that come down a bit, but I suppose paying for quality and convenience is not cheap. Overall, we give it two stumps up!

Four out of five in our household have never turned it down
Four out of five in our household have never turned it down (that’s me licking my lips because it’s tasty)


  • […] All tests show that, in Rocky’s case, the cause is a low-fiber diet (he eats raw food, 2x per day, plus a dehydrated raw snack in the evening) and is remedied by adding more water and more pumpkin (fiber). MomFOD was giving us an afternoon pumpkin snack with a side of goat’s milk, which we enjoy just fine. However, we just received an email from The Honest Kitchen, the company that sponsors some of our giveaways, that had a wonderful recipe that’s perfect for fall and for helping relieve Rocky’s ailment. We thought it sounded tasty and wanted to share it with you! (We have not received any reimbursement for posting this recipe and do not plan to. You can see our original review of Pro Bloom goat’s milk here) […]

  • I tried it with my milk lover cat, he was not impressed. Then I tried it on the lactose intolerant kitty.. poor guy. So I’m going to be giving away the samples as it’s not good for my cats, but maybe someone else’s dog or cat would like it. 🙂

  • crepes…thanx for de ree view…time for a quest shun…doez de hole package gotta be mixed at once ?
    we iz askin coz if like half a package could be mixed up at one time.. sted oh de hole thing, knot two much wood go ta waster…we get all finickee ..N once mixed…two dayz isn’t veree long… if we wanna wait another WEEK ta drink sum…sorree bout de math problem…we got Deez at it in skewl….we dinna noe if once de pack age wuz opened it KNEADED a good mixin rite then…ore if it could be stored a way for another timez…:)

    • Tabbies, I think if you measured it out and then put the leftover powder into a little jar, you could probably mix up a little at a time. I don’t have official word on it, but in my professional cat estimation, I think you could make small batches and be ok. – Crepes.

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