Haikusday Tuesday: My Shrimpie

You Guys!

Me and my shrimpie

Me and my shrimpie

I got my shrimpie in the mail. I ordered it and it came, just like that! And that means I’m part of THE SHRIMPIE CLUB!  I love it and I want to write about it. Eh hem….

Held between my teeth

I ponder how you might feel.

Soft, firm, slightly moist.


Were I a shrimpie

I’d lie around all day long.

Hey, wait a minute…


Can I chew you up?

Have my shrimp and eat it too?

No, you’re made of cloth.

Shrimpie butt bite

Shrimpie butt bite

I love you, Shrimpie.

I love you, Shrimpie.


Shrimpie Snuggle

Anyone else in the shrimpie club?



3 thoughts on “Haikusday Tuesday: My Shrimpie

  1. time ta seer sum shrimp
    it bee grillin time outside
    ewe want friez with that

    crepes; due knot seer cloth
    yur shrimpie will knot grill rite
    ewe can still haz friez

    jumbo shrimp iz fine
    sau tayed in bar be Q sauce
    side salad ta go ?

Stumps up? Stumps down? What are your thoughts?