Tuesday Haikusday: The Shower

My brother Rocky loves to watch mom FOD shower. He inspired me to wax poetic about that time of her morning routine.


I watch you shower

And think about that movie.

Please, call me “Norman.”


You’re in there again

And it is all over you.

What possesses you so?


I love Mother Earth

And I can see that you don’t.

You should use your tongue.

If you like the photo, please share! I’d love to see Rocky’s face when he sees it plastered all over the internet looking like a creeper. Again.



PS.  Mom FOD was featured on I Have Cat this week. Check it out!! 

4 thoughts on “Tuesday Haikusday: The Shower

    • Thanks, Sue! He’s been stalking me for about 14 years now. He screams until I let him in, and then when he gets in, he just leaves. Every morning. That time, I went armed with my underwater cam. – Alana.

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