Bachelor of the Week: Teddy!

No, it’s not a bear, it’s a dog! And his name is Teddy.

Teddy, imagining the world with his nose
Teddy, imagining the world with his nose

If you’re looking for a little trooper, Teddy is your guy. Abandoned at a shelter, Teddy survived a bout with distemper and malnourishment, and, if you haven’t guessed, this dear little guy is also blind. Now 9 months old, Teddy loves to play with other dogs, so he’d prefer to join a family with a few rambunctious doggie buddies. Playing outside is one of his passions, so a partner (or family) with a fenced in yard is preferred. Teddy also has a special talent of spinning yarns. Alright, he doesn’t spin yarns; that’s my job. He does, however, tell tales with his tail when he wags it in cute little shapes, and if that’s not special, I don’t know what is.

If you like taking walks and rubbing bellies, if the thought of watching Teddy sniff into the wind while he imagines his surroundings makes you happy, if you want to squeeze him and love him and pet him and call him George, consider adding Teddy to your family. He may be blind to the world, but not to your love, so get out there and meet this snuggle bear today!

If Teddy really touched your heart but you can’t adopt, please consider becoming his angel to help support Pets With Disabilities in the good work that they do for dogs like Teddy.

Some of Teddy's Specialities: The Candy Cane; The Swirl; The Swish; The Roll
Some of Teddy’s Specialities: The Candy Cane; The Swirl; The Swish; The Roll; The Jelly Donut
Making friends
“I love the feel of grass in my toes.”  “That’s not grass! Just kidding, it’s grass.”


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  • teddy…de veree best oh fishes two ewe that ewe finds yur forevers home…may St Francis brings yur for ever peepul(z) ta de shelter ta pick ewe up…yet this week !!!

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