Donations Galore!

A gratuitous photo of me to brighten your day
A gratuitous photo of me to brighten your day

Today I’d like to send a thank you to some of the BlogPaws sponsors and also to  Because of them, I was able to make donations to two shelters. The first, Pets with Disabilities, got a package of Hartz dog pads, various samples of food, flea meds from VetGuard, and coupons for free bags of Purina grain free dog food, all from the sponsors from BlogPaws.

The second, Cat Guardians, received a mix of things that came from both the BlogPaws sponsors and from They got lots of samples from The Honest Kitchen (they generously gave me everything on their table at the end of the expo so I could donate it), flea medications, ear cleaner, toys, and dental wipes from, and 16 lbs of cat food from Petcurean.

(Please note, I have not myself sampled many of these items, so I cannot endorse their efficacy, safety, or tastiness. I merely acted as the medium for the generous donations.)

So a hearty thank you to all those that donated! You were all very generous and your items went to two great places! Have you all donated anything lately? Did you take photos? Share with me!



Some of the items from petmeds that went to Cat Guardians
Some of the items from Petmeds that went to Cat Guardians




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