Happy Fourteenth Birthday, Rocky!


I’d like to wish my brother Rocky a happy fourteenth birthday. I love him, I despise him, I hunt him, I bite his ears, I snuggle him. He was mom FOD’s first cat, and frankly, we’re surprised she got any more after him.

Happy Birthday, Rocky. You’re like my brother from another mother, except with the same adopted mother, and we even look alike, too. Except you have four legs but barely use them because you lie around all day.


Love, Crepes.

Sun time for tabbies

Sun time for tabbies

Me and Rocky snoozing in  the sun

Me and Rocky snoozing in the sun


mom FOD kissing Rocky circa 2001.

mom FOD kissing Rocky circa 2001.


Catalogue Order Page

Rocky as “Isosceles”/”Felsjat” from “Catalogue” 

7 thoughts on “Happy Fourteenth Birthday, Rocky!

  1. happee 14 th birthday two ewe rocky N heerez ta 144 mor !! hope ewe haza pawsum awesum sooper grate fun filled day; hope ya get sum pizza pies, cake, mice cream, donuts, sea bass, flounder, mackerul, trout, toona, ham samiches, friez, sghetti, butter, pork chops, salmon, perch, shrimp, a 2014 furrareez car anda mew cat tree witha full lee stocked frig attached !!! enjoy yur day N haz FUN !!! XOXO

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