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Dear Friends,

It has come to my attention that there are many cats that like to sit in fridges. In fact, there are many who cannot stop themselves. How do I know this? First of all, I am a cat who insists on looking into the fridge. I hear it open, I run. I see its milky light flooding the kitchen, and I dash to bask in its glow. I cannot stop myself. But really, why should I? Instead, I invite those of you who have the same love to join me in solidarity to proudly proclaim your love for the fridge. Whether it’s out of curiosity, or just the fact that you know that’s where they store the food, you can feel at home here. And I know you exist, because you have already begun sending me your photos. So please, continue. And see them posted here, in all their glory.

(Note: Please do not stuff your cats into fridges for these photos. This is meant to be a place where you share photos of cats who voluntarily enjoy looking into refrigerators with the DOOR OPEN. You should not, under any circumstances, EVER leave your cat locked in a fridge. EVER. Not even for one minute. And if you send me a photo of your cat smooshed into a fridge looking upset, it will not be posted. Thank you.)
Squeaker (courtesy of Brenda C.)
Squeaker (courtesy of Brenda C.)



cat in fridge
Phinneus (Thanks to Sandie A.)



Majick, enjoying some loafing by the loaf. Courtesy of Tracy R.J.
Majick, enjoying some loafing by the loaf. Look closely! Courtesy of Tracy R.J.
This is Sax hanging out int he fridge! (photo courtesy of Manuela A.)
This is Sax hanging out in the fridge! (photo courtesy of Manuela A.)




  • Our cat Zak often jumped into the fridge and you had to fight to get him out, he was once hiding behind the watermelon and fighting to stay. It seemed he outgrew it but today I was running late after oversleeping and I used the half and half completely and ran out the door. I came home about 3 1/2 hrs later and went to put the new half and half away and guess who came strolling out. He didn’t seem too upset or not very cold but I was so grateful there was enough air for him. I have had many cats and this is the only one I have ever had who showed an interest in the fridg, but he shows an interest in everything, we call him a cat dog because his personality is more like a dog. Thank God my fridg is not absolutely airtight.

    • Fridges have tasty things and you want to keep us out. Anywhere there are tasty, forbidden things, we want to go. It’s the cat way. – Crepes.

  • Many years ago, I had a cat named Chuck. The fridge was next to the stove and the door opened on the side where the stove was. That’s how it was set up in the rental unit. Chuck would get on top of stove, open the freezer door, and if there was ice cream in there, he would manage to get it out. He couldn’t close the freezer door or hide the uneaten ice cream (if there was any) on the kitchen floor.

    • I’m great at it! Especially because mom FOD closes it with her hip because her hands are always full, so I use that to my advantage. Words won’t drag me away. She has to stop what she’s doing and come get me. – Crepes.

  • My elderly kitty loved to jump in the fridge. Not so much anymore as it’s hard to jump that high(fridge part is on top). He always wanted to check it out. He is a character. Think I have a real old photo back when you used film in cameras. Ha, ha. Have another cat that everytime you get an ice cube from the freezer he runs to the kitchen. LOL. Crepes are bet you are good at getting into the fridge. Phinneus is helping himself to some cola. How cute.
    Sue B

    • Rocky can’t hide what he eats, either. He always throws it up where mom can see it. – Crepes.

  • Crepes, we don’t sit in the fridge. We’ve tried but the mom is just too quick for us and closes the door before we can get in there. Any tips on how we can fool the mom so we can be Cats in the Fridge?

    • Sometimes, when one cannot enter paradise itself, one must content oneself with peeking through the door. Wait until she’s cooking and her hands are full, then stick yourselves in the door. Meow loudly before she closes it so she doesn’t close you in it. Good luck! – Crepes.

  • That’s my boy !! 😉 His brother Bailey likes the top of the fridge ..Thanks Crepes !!

  • crepes…any tipz on how ta open de door TWO de frig…we haz tried with out any kinda success ta get de door open….knot even a saw wood due de trik…hope ewe haza grate week oh end 🙂

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