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Yesterday I talked about  The Dog Matchmaker, a service that connects potential adopters in the New York tri-state area (CT, NY, and NJ) with the perfect canine companion. Love seekers  fill out a questionnaire with their preferences and life circumstances, and Sarah Oren Brasky uses her expertise to match them with just the right forever friend. A great idea, right?

It got me to thinking: what if I, Crepes, could do something similar? Each week, I look through lots and lots of adoptable pets from all over the country in search of just the right bachelor or bachelorette. Maybe I can put that to some good use. With Sarah’s go ahead, I have come up with Crepes: Love Liaison. What does that mean? It means that if you have found in your heart the desire to grace your home with a one-of-a-kind special needs animal, I can help you locate that special someone. You tell me what you’re looking for and, if in my searchings I find the right match, I’ll help you make the connection! Being national, my help won’t be quite as detailed as Sarah’s, (I can’t offer phone support like she does… I don’t have a phone) but it will be a good start with some educated leads on helping you find the right little friend. Here’s an example of what you might send me:

Dear Crepes,

I just love your blog. You’re the best writer ever. I decided that
I want to adopt a special needs friend. I live in Los Angeles, I’m looking for a blind cat, kitten or young adult, I have one other
cat in the house, and I’m not concerned about medical bills. I’m willing to travel 300 miles to pick him up.
Love your greatest fan,
Channing T.


In this case, next time I’m perusing the LA area shelters and I see a blind kitty that fits your description, I would send you a link to his info and the shelter where he is, and the shelter would take it from there! This is not meant to replace larger pet search websites or even to replace your own searchings. It’s merely meant to fill in the cracks just in case you would not have run across this pet yourself during your own searches. And, of course, you have to abide by all the rules of the adoption agency that is housing the pet.

So, if you like the idea and you’re ready for it, send me a note. I just might be able to help you find your new lifelong love.







  • What a great idea! You should use social media to get the word out. Our mom would love a special needs kitties, but it wouldn’t be fair to them because our Julie attacks other kitties and is quite vishus about it.

  • Brilliant Idea. I hope this helps more special need kitties to find the special homes they need.

  • crepes…way awesum eye dea …best fishes two ewe with this…we hope it bringz manee a kitteh ta ther mew forevers home !!!

  • What a wonderful idea! I hope you get to help many special needs kitties find new & loving homes! 🙂

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