The Dog Matchmaker: A New Kind of Service

While I was at BlogPaws, I met a very special lady named Sarah Oren Brasky, who fancies herself a matchmaker. Not the kind that hooks two people up for a date, but the kind that hooks up a person or family with the perfect dog.

The Dog Matchmaker
Sarah, The Dog Matchmaker

A rather novel concept, at least in my kitty estimation, Sarah is changing the way people find their forever companions. Working out of the Tri-State New York area (NY, CT, NJ), Sarah has a potential adopter fill out a questionnaire stating their needs, life circumstances, and intentions. She takes that information to her contacts at the adoption centers in her area and begins her search. Her goal is to facilitate the process, making it easier for an adopter to find just the right pet, minimizing the chances that dogs will be returned because they didn’t fit into the adopter’s lifestyle.

“Because I am so connected with rescue groups and shelters in the NY tri-state area,” says Sarah Oren Brasky, “I want to be able to share these connections with adopters who may not know where to begin their search! It is up to the rescue group or shelter to approve the adopter. By the time the dog goes home with a client of The Dog Matchmaker, the family has worked with myself and with the animal rescuer; thus, the chances of the adopters returning the dog are absolutely lowered by a huge degree.”

In the past three years, Sarah has helped over forty families find the right match for them. Not only does she put in the requests to shelters, she also offers phone support to answer questions and allay any fears the adopters might have.

“When I first hear from a potential adopter, it is my job to help them focus on the best dog for them…” say Brasky. “Not only is the search process intimidating, but the adoption process can seem scary as well. Questions on a rescue group’s adoption application might include ‘Do you plan to have children in next five years?’ ‘What is your past dog ownership experience?’ ‘How many hours per day are you home?’ and more. I remind adopters that these questions are not meant to dissuade you from adopting, rather they are there to help the rescue group ensure that the dog is the right fit for your home. With a little coaching and advice, I help make adoptions happen!”

And the fee for all this customized service? Just a $50 donation, which goes directly back into helping Sarah continue her mission. And, during all of this, Sarah works as a foster herself through FosterDogsNYC, an organization that she founded to help connect foster families and dogs in New York City.

“I love the ‘success story’ photos in which the dog and family is smiling ear to ear,” says Brasky. “Nothing makes me happier than to know that I helped a dog find a home, and that I helped a family find a wonderful dog through adoption. Each adopter becomes an ambassador for pet adoption. For every adopter I help, that is one more person who sees the beauty of adopting an animal.”

If you’re interested in having Sarah help you find a dog from the Tri-State New York area, send her a note. She may already have a lead on your perfect forever friend.

Sarah Oren Brasky
Sarah, with more dogs. It’s like there are no cats in NYC.



PS  If you’re in the New York area, check out the Park Slope Dog Dash on June 9, 2013, organized by FosterDogsNYC. It’s a scavenger hunt for dog lovers. Amazing!

Park Slope Dog Dash
Park Slope Dog Dash


  • crepes…thiz iz one saweet eye dea…sew manee peepulz …rush out ta get a puppy at Christmas…then de poor pup ends up at de shelter by march coz they never did any “research” on de breed….

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