A Donation from Petmeds.com & My Upcoming Travels to BlogPaws

Look at all that nip!

Check it out, everyone! Petmeds.com generously gave me a really neat donation of supplies to use as I see fit, so I’m going to think hard and come up with a plan. Most of it’s going to be given to kitties that need it more than me, but they sent a special gift just for me of a heated kitty pad that they wanted me to snuggle with. I suppose I can’t turn that down, but everything else, to charity (and possibly a giveaway)! It’ll take me a little bit to get sorted through it because…


I’m going to BlogPaws!  If you don’t know, BlogPaws is a really neat annual convention that connects bloggers in the pet industry to each other and all the things that are out there pertaining to pets! So I’m going to go to Tyson’s Corner, VA to see what’s new and what’s exciting in the world of pet adoption and special needs. And, if you didn’t know, I was nominated for Best Cause Blog (see badge to the right) along with three other bloggers, which I am very pleased about and very honored to have been noticed. I’ll find out Saturday at the Nose to Nose Awards. I also have one more exciting announcement that I’ll tell you about later this week. Until then, I leave you with this photograph of a few of my pet shrimp, Irma, Ralph, Frances (Tino has gone missing, I hope temporarily, and I’ve also adopted three more ladies I call Maude, Sherry, and Bertha) caught gathered together in a rare group shot.  Click on it for a closer look.

Shrimp, dancing, amazing.
Shrimp, dancing = amazing.

Love, Crepes.




  • crepes….sorree bout tino….R bad…we missed R 11:34 snak N well…..de next ya noe itz 11:57 N de grill iz fired up N look whatz cookin…..sea bass N……..

    friez 🙂

    hope de fods enjoys blog paws N best fishes two ewe on winnin de award…!!

    • Tabbies, if you ate Tino, I shall have my wrath upon you. – Crepes.
      PS. Thanks for the good wishes!

  • I love the plush cat and dog from the Pedmeds commercials…how cute! Have a great time at BlogPaws!!!

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