Bachelor of the Week: Orange G!

Orange G, All Smiles

Orange G, All Smiles

This week’s bachelor is a doozy! And he’s definitely one of a kind. Meet Orange G, the three year old cat who took on a spider and lived to tell the tale. This little smiler is always ready to return your happy mood with a pleasant grin of his own! How did he get that smile? He was bitten by a spider and lost a section of his lip, but none of his charm or personality.

Orange G loves to cuddle and hug. He requires vaseline applied to his lip twice a day and a saline treatment, but who doesn’t do a little every day to maintain their beauty? Consider it part of maintaining his youthful visage.

If you’re interested in starting your life together with Orange G, visit his adoption page at

orange g


Keeping away intruders. FIERCE!

Keeping away intruders. FIERCE!

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I am your sunshine, your only sunshine.

9 thoughts on “Bachelor of the Week: Orange G!

  1. orange G…ewe rock buddy !!! sorree de nastee azz spider put a bite on ewe…just in yur honor we will bite bak everee single spider we ever see ever again….we hope st francis leeds ya two yur new forever home rite away..
    enjoy yur day N haz fun ….high paws N headbonks

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