Tuesday Haikusday: Cat Grass

Meditating in the garden, writing my haiku.

Meditating in the garden, writing my haiku.

Per reader request, I am writing about “Cat Grass,” in honor of Harry Sheets and Pancakes. Thank you, Tabbies O’ Trout Towne, for the suggestion.

I plant the seeds now

And wait for them to grow up.

Then, I mow them down.


Are you good for me?

Do you make my fur shiny?

Nevermind. I puked.


You tickle my nose

As I chew you to nothing,

Co-dependent grass.


And, last week’s best reader haiku came to us from, once again, Da Tabbies O’Trout Towne! And here it is:

spring meenz burdz iz bak
stooooooooooopid rood caca dropperz
we wish it wuz fall

Do you have a haiku you want to share? I’ll publish my favorite next week! Also, what topic do you want me to write about?  Ask, and it shall be done.

Love, Crepes.

PS Look out for my awesome upcoming article with D’Artagnan’s new mom! She’ll be talking about why she adopted a special needs cat and why you can, too!

6 thoughts on “Tuesday Haikusday: Cat Grass

  1. wee knead sum cat grazz
    wee iz type inn frum de phone
    inter netz knot werkin

    phone keyz iz two small
    wee canna even see stuff
    mackerull tastes grate

    crepes whatz in yur post
    we canna see it either
    flounder tastes good two

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