Tuesday Haikusday – Spring

Meditating in the garden, writing my haiku.

Meditating in the garden, writing my haiku.

It’s time for another Tuesday Haikusday, when all the world slows for a moment to listen to my carefully chosen syllabic musings. Some are funny, some serious, and some, well, maybe I was in a hurry. Today’s topic: Spring.


I see you changing

Dark becomes light, colors bright

You should close your blinds.


I love all the shades

of flowers, fiori, kvitky.

Beauty in all tongues.


Snow becomes liquid

Earth moves closer to the sun.

I sleep less, shed more.


Last week I asked for some readers to submit haiku and I’d post my fav! And here it is: I give you a haiku by Da Tabbies O Trout Towne on the topic of “The Great Shed”

my furz in yur drink
helpz ta swallow dont cha think
dont throw in de sink

Share yours with me and I’ll pick my favorite again for next week! Also, I’m looking for topics for next Tuesday Haikusday. What do you want to hear me write about?

5 thoughts on “Tuesday Haikusday – Spring

  1. we wood like ta see ewe rite bout cat grass crepes…..in honor oh harry sheets N pancakes 🙂


    spring meenz burdz iz bak
    stooooooooooopid rood caca dropperz
    we wish it wuz fall

  2. OK lets see now… Hmmmm.. Got it!

    Spring has sprung
    The birdies tweet
    We would like to nibble their feet
    Gee those tabbies are tough to beat!

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