Update: Harlem Shake Correction

It has come to my attention that my Harlem Shake video was missing something. I got a few messages saying that my interpretation was not quite correct. I was unaware, it seems, that there is a second part to the Harlem Shake that I was missing. I had so little time that I watched roughly 657 videos, but only the first 8 seconds of each and assumed I had it all figured out. Well, such was not the case. Without further ado, here is my correction.

I hope this pleases all you Harlem Shake sticklers out there.

harlem shake
My Harlem Shake Update

If you like my videos, maybe you’d want to nominate one of them for a Blog Paws Award! What’s a Blog Paws Award? Only one of the most prestigious pet blogging awards out there. There are a bundle of categories, so if you think I’d fit one of them, let Blog Paws know! If you have another favorite blog that you read that would fit, you can nominate them, too! You have until Friday, March 7th to put in your nomination and it’s super easy!

Categories are:

Best Blog Design

Best Blog Writing

Best Humor Blog

Best Bark Blog

Best Meow Blog

Best Wiggle Blog

Best New Blog

Best Cause Blog

Best Blog Vidoe

Best Blog Photo

Best Facebook Design

Best Twitter Design


Love, Crepes.


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