SUNDAY SPECIAL: “The Wolf” – a short film

Dear Peeps (that’s you guys),

As you know, I come from a family of filmmakers. I wanted to share a video that my FODs made.  It’s called “The Wolf” and it’s based on Little Red Ridinghood, and all the characters are played by my brothers and sisters! And it’s scary! They’re such good actors, I actually thought my sister was eating my sister. Oh! I don’t want to give too much away, so I won’t say anymore. Just make sure you don’t watch it in the dark alone. HORROR!

The music is Rachmaninoff’s Etude Tableaux Op. 39, No 6., a piece that was inspired by the Red Ridinghood story, and is performed by my mom FOD!  Click here to watch!  (Don’t worry, it’s family friendly.)

Scenes from "The Wolf" starring my brothers and sisters

My sister Peabody as “The Wolf”




PS! The Freshstep peeps have decided to wait until this week to announce the winner of the Catdance film festival. I don’t know where we stand in votes, but we’re NUMBER 1 on YouTube out of all 17 festival films. So please, stop by YouTube and give Catalogue a thumbs up to keep it that way! Thank you 🙂  

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  1. Hey Crepes,
    I’m coming over and while everybody is out at the show or filming I’ll be watching a hockey game. Make sure everybody behaves during the game.

    Treats for the cooperative ones.

    The dad of the owner

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