Can Someone Tell Me Who “Oscar” Is?

So, for reals, who is this Oscar guy everyone keeps talking about? From what I can gather, he throws a lot of parties, primarily on Sundays, which everyone knows is NOT very cool. COOL parties happen on Saturdays, Oscar.

Furthermore, I remember from my kittenhood hearing a lot about this guy being a grouch. So, if Oscar, the grouch, is so unfriendly, why is everyone going to his parties?

And what about these “Oscar picks?” Are these like toothpicks? Does he always have food stuck in his teeth from his uncool Sunday parties so he needs toothpicks to get them out but he uses them so often that they’ve become his very own moniker? I don’t know. The more I hear, the less I like him.

I did a little research and googled this guy and quite frankly, I think I could take him. Either he tans too much or he’s wearing WAY too much makeup because he looks like he’s glowing. But he can’t be more than what, 8 inches tall? If I see this Oscar guy trying to come up in my lair and throw a party, I’m going to bat him on the floor, poke him in the eye with his own pick, and show him what’s what while he rolls around with his arms crossed begging for kitty mercy.

This is a cool party, on a SATURDAY

Photo from a really cool party I threw, on a SATURDAY

If you’re done talking about this Oscar d-bag this week, have a look at Catalogue and vote for it. Now THAT is a movie worth seeing! There are 4 days left of voting and, it might take a miracle of voter intervention, but I think we can still win this thing.


Oh! and PS! We took part in the 467th Carnival of the Cats!!  Thanks to the Florida Furkids for hosting! Have a look on over there. 🙂  I love carnivals!!!

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  1. Gosh, thanks Cindy! Although, if you read last Friday’s post, despite my cuteness in that sweater, it’s against my beliefs since I am, in fact, a nudist. I’m growing more comfortable each day saying it out loud! Nudist! And thanks for watching Catalogue. We’re happy you enjoyed it. 🙂 -Crepes

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