Near Death Experience!

I just woke up for the fifth time today and I needed to share with you what just happened! I had this horrible experience! I think I might have had one of those near death experiences I’ve seen on TV. I was walking and then I saw this …. I don’t know, this sort of gauzy material. I stuck my head in and suddenly I was in this dark, dark place. I felt like I was sort of confined, like there was a cocoon around me. And then I heard voices! I think they were laughing and calling me towards then. I finally was able to see some light! I got my head out, but I couldn’t get through! I had to turn around and go back the other way. Oh! Anguish! Having to go back into the darkness after I was so close to freedom. It was all I could do to muster my little kitty courage. And then! I found it, the exit!  I got out of the cave… and then I saw a camera. They were filming me. How humiliating.

Alas, as a servant of public entertainment, I feel I must share it with you. What do you think? Have you ever had a near death experience? Or did it turn out to be your stupid FOD’s laughing at you?

Click on the photo to see it all go down. And for pete’s sake, VOTE FOR CATALOGUE! We only have 14 days left to get our butts out of third place.

crepes humiliation
Click the photo to watch


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