Behind the Scenes with “Isosceles”

For all you “Catalogue” fans out there, I’ve done an interview with Isosceles, the star of the show! He doesn’t have his own blog, and he was too fat to fit into the holiday sweater, but I figured you probably wanted to know something about him anyway. His real name is Rocky, and here’s what he had to say about his life, his anger issues, and his new found fame.

Crepes (C): Hi, Rocky. Thanks for joining us.

Rocky (R): Thanks for having me.

C: So how do you feel now that you have over 150,000 YouTube hits on your new film?

R: It’s cool.

C: Well, I would think that’s more than cool, right?

R: Yeah, it’s neat.

C: Okay, well I suppose the coolest thing about that movie was me in the fridge, right? ::laughs::

R: ::blank stare::

C: Okay, moving on… Did you ever think the film would get this popular?

R: What film?

C: The one you’re in.

R: I’m in a film?

C: Yeah, “Catalogue?”

R: Wait, was that when the Fods  were gathered all around the foot of the bed for like 5 hours one day?

C: Yes, they were filming you.

R: And then there was that guy who let me lick his yogurt spoon. That wasn’t so bad.

C: Kris Flanagan, your co-star.

R: But then he started dancing around the bed and I was like “Is this guy hitting on me or something?”

C: I think he was just acting.

R: But then I thought he is tall and kinda cute so –

C: Let’s talk about the script! How much info did you have in the script decisions?

R: I sat on it for awhile when they put it down. I like the way it crinkled.

C: Mmhm. Mmhm. That’s very interesting. Tell me about your childhood.

R: Pretty much the same as now, except we lived in a different place.

C: I’ve heard tell of a printer that you had a fondness for.

R: Ah! That ****ing printer! Man, that thing would go BACK and FORTH. BACK and FORTH. I Hate S*** that goes back and forth! I broke the self-cleaning litter box because it went back and forth. And I’d do it again, too.

C: You’re angry a lot, aren’t you?

R: So?

C: Was this your first acting experience?

R: No, I was in a few other films. “Hell-Copter” was a popular one. That was before you were born. Classic. I also did another one a few years back that never made it to print. And I played “grandma” in a retelling of the classic Red Riding Hood and The Wolf story.

C: That’s quite the extensive resume. I heard there were some problems on the set of Catalogue.

R: I don’t  want to talk about them.

C: I heard you were in the bathroom constipated for the first 90 minutes of filming.

R: I said I don’t want to talk about it!

C: Happens a lot, doesn’t it?

R: It’s the raw food, ok? That stuff’s hard to digest!

C: Maybe you should eat less of it, fatty…

R: That’s it –

C: Get off me!

R: Mrrowwmmmrr…



Rocky and Flanagan
Rocky and KF on set of “Catalogue”




  • Question to Rocky from Paul Nustra: “Haha. Our cat chewed through the cord to her self cleaning litter box. Luckily, we were able to purchase another. What did you do to yours rocky?”
    Reply from Rocky: I watched it go back and forth, back and forth. Then I waited til it stopped, and then I put my foot in again and watched it go back and forth, back and forth. Eventually, it stopped going back and forth and the Fod’s had to go back to scooping.

    • Rocky. Now that your mom won a golden scoop, I hope that she uses that to clean your liter box with rather than a plastic one. You derserve it, don’t you?

      • Dear Anonymous, Don’t let the gold patina fool you. The golden scoop, was in fact, still plastic. Anyway, I’m one of those cats that likes to “think outside the box” if you know what I mean, so most of the time she ends up having to use tissue to clean up my “thoughts.” Thanks for reading! – Rocky.

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