Downton Abbey OMG

***************SPOILER ALERT!!!****************** DO NOT READ if you haven’t watched past Season 1, Episode 1.
Crepes watching Downton Abbey
Me watching Downton Abbey

You guys, I can’t believe that some guy named Matthew Crawley is going to take the family’s inheritance! I mean, who is this guy? Some cousin that just randomly comes out of nowhere? You know, that just upsets me. I mean, quite honestly, it makes me so mad I want to kick something with my stump. I’m glad that I live in a country and a time where women can vote and own property and inherit property from their parents. I mean, when my FODs kick the old litter box, I’m happy and secure knowing that I will have a place to live that I’ll be able to call my own for me and my kittens. It makes me –

Ok, my mom was just reading over my shoulder and I . Am. So. Mad. Right. Now. She just said that, while cats CAN in fact inherit property in this country, that I’m not first in line. That damned Rocky, better known as Isosceles to you Catalogue fans, is first! He already got the best role in the movie! WTF, Mom?!?! I have to wear the stupid holiday sweater and I’m in the movie for 2 seconds, and now he gets all your property? That’s fine, me and my kittens will go elsewhere and I’m going to-


Vote for Catalogue.


  • So you watch Downton Abbey too? Our Jan does when she can catch it. She also likes the British comedies on Public Broadcasting.

    • I sure do! I also like Monty Python a lot. You sure have a lot of kitties and doggies! Even more than I live with, and that’s hard to beat. Say hi to them all for me!

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