What’s for Dinner?

See this picture here? Doesn’t this look delicious? It’s a delightful Silverbright salmon, steamed in a marinara sauce, with garlic and organic spinach served over a bed of black rice. Do you think it was good?

delicious looking food
Delicious looking food

Well, I wouldn’t f*cking know because those Fods ate it themselves! Do you want to know what I ate for dinner? Do you?!  This!

raw food
Raw b*llsh!t

This is what I ate. These piece of sh8t squares of raw food again. They try to fake me out with that fish oil they pour on it. But it’s still raw F8ck!ng food! How about f8ck!ng cooking it for once, mom? HUH? Even that f8ck!ng dog at the bottom of the bowl won’t eat it. And he’s a dog!! Foddamn it. You, mom, will never have a cat cooking show, do you hear me? NEVER!

What do you guys all get for food? Delicious food? Raw b*llsh!t? or Canned b*ullshi!? Leave me a comment.

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  • aww, poor cat lol. Tell them to share next time. Salmon is good for cats.

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