What You Gonna Do With That $10k?

If you’re here, I’m pretty sure you know what Catalogue is. Let me start by saying that if we win this thing, obviously we get $10,000. What’s that going to do for me? I don’t know. I don’t use money. I’ve tasted it and it tastes like crap, so I don’t eat it either. I’m pretty sure my mom needs some, though, to buy herself some new musical instruments. I’m down with that, because I love napping on her big black piano and scratching up the felt on her music holder so more nap spots equals cool. She also said, though, that she wants to sponsor the surgeries for a few special needs cats such as myself. I’m special because I’m missing a foot. I don’t need surgery. Mom told me if I keep eating this raw meat diet, though, that it might grow back, so I keep eating it and measuring my stump every day. No new growth yet, but I think I feel it itching. There are some kitties, though, that really need help. And their surgeries are expensive. And since my mom and dad (my Fods) love me so much, they want to help some other kitties that are like me get well enough to find some homes. I think that’s pretty cool. My sister Peabody just wants to blow it all on sparkly balls and nip, but I think my Fods’ idea is a little more altruistic, don’t you agree?

If you haven’t voted for Catalogue yet, please do. We know logging in is kind of a pain in the tail, but you won’t get a barrage of emails from Freshstep and if you do, you can always opt out later. But please, help us out! And help us help those kitties!

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